One of the key advantages of Accoya wood is its enhanced dimensional stability. This means that it is less prone to swelling, shrinking, or warping when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature. As a result, products made from Accoya wood, such as doors, windows, and bespoke furniture, maintain their integrity and functionality over time.

The durability of Accoya wood is also notable. It has been proven to withstand the challenges of outdoor exposure, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications like decking, cladding, and outdoor furniture. Its resistance to decay, insects, and fungi ensures a longer lifespan compared to traditional wood options.

Forest Gates & Doors leverages the unique characteristics of Accoya wood to create finely crafted, long-lasting pieces. Whether it's designing and installing bespoke Gates that are dimensionally stable, leading to lower maintenance costs, or crafting custom-made doors that make a statement, Forest Gates & Doors commitment to quality craftsmanship aligns seamlessly with the superior properties of Accoya wood.