Hardwood Gates

We create beautiful handcrafted bespoke hardwood side gates, garage doors and driveway gates being a perfect addition to your home.

All of our gates are made to order, completely custom and produced to match your vision.
Examples of hardwood we use are Iroko, Sapele and Accoya.

Accoya being the benchmark for performance and sustainability. It is a very smart investment due to its durability of lasting decades. This wood brings unprecedented reliability. It offers 50/60 years above ground it has no swelling, warping, shrinkage, distortion and its 100% non toxic. It is has outstanding dimensional stability.

 Iroko also being a quality hardwood offering 40/50 years guarantee with potential to offer longer if treatment is applied. Iroko has a rich, warm golden brown colour being tough, dense and a very durable timber. Resistant to decay and insect attack.

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